Today begins the first day of my last semester of college for awhile.  I can’t believe its already been two years since I started down this path to getting a new degree.  A lot has changed since then, that’s for sure!  

With this semester, I am finishing out the last big chunk of my degree.  The classes I’m taking are:

Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
Object-Oriented Programming
Systems Analysis & Design 

Out of the four listed above, I would have to say that Object-Oriented Programming and Systems Analysis & Design would be the two that would strengthen my future career the most.  Even though Java is going to be the language of choice in OOP, the concepts that I’d imagine would be taught through the semester could be easily applied to any language that I would find myself encountering down the road.  I know that I have already watched a few videos regarding OOP but using PHP instead of Java.  It will certainly be interesting to see how the concepts from that video will roll over into other languages.

Systems Analysis and Design is a class that, as I understand from a friend of mine (who also works as a systems administrator for a start up corporation) will be advantageous to understand as a programmer.  He has told me stories about how programmers often have to redo work because the systems that companies have are often unable to support them.  Even just a basic understanding of the interaction between the two sides (programming and systems work) will eventually allow the work that is completed to be completed easier.  

Ultimately, however, I feel as though this semester is going to be the one that will teach me concepts that I will need to know with regards to my future career.  It will be a lot of work (especially with two jobs on top of a full course load) but I will only have to last until December.  Wish me luck – classes, here I come!



I was told, essentially, that I needed to make a blog (in particular, a WordPress site) today by my boss.  Not sure how I feel about it initially as I have never really been a big blogger, but I’m going to take it and run with it.  

I suppose the best way to approach this first post will be to explain a bit more about me.  I am currently what I believe to be a senior at Miami University Regionals.  The name of the college has technically been changed but it will always be “Miami Hamilton” to me.  I am studying software development and have one more semester of classes left before I finally am able to co-op and eventually graduate.  

I consider myself to have a fair proficiency in many of the languages that I have learned throughout my time at Miami (Java, PHP, HTML to name just a few).  With my student employment job, I have had the opportunity to strengthen my understanding of the concepts that I learn in my classes.  For the future, I feel as though I will be well prepared in my career endeavors.  

Well, the lack-of-blogging experience is showing through and I don’t have much more to add.  I’ll be talking about projects that I’ve been/will be working on from now until graduation.  Perhaps this will become a sort of portfolio, if you will.  Only time will tell though.